​Internal emotional blocks that prevent us from accessing our natural abundance. The most common forms of resistance are chronic patterns of thought, which are the opposite of the desired outcome. .

Releasing Resistance:  It is generally accepted by most leading edge trainers that releasing resistance is the first required step before moving on to the "to do" list of how to make your dreams happen. When resistance is released, visualizing and focusing on goals are more rewarding and enjoyable.

​Techniques for Releasing Resistance

1. Hypnosis​​- created by an overload of message units, disorganizing our inhibitory process, otherwise known as the critical mind.  It then triggers our fight/flight mechaism, disabling the critical mind, which normally will filter out suggestions made by a hypnotherapist.  At this point, the hypnotherapist can make positive suggestions to the subconcious and map the client's subconcious with a positive reference, which normally replaces a negative reference or experience.

​​​​​​​​​​​​2.The Release Method:
The Releasing Method is a simple, yet profound, technique for removing resistance. Instead of pushing against emotions such as doubt, frustration, failure, The Method coaches participants to welcome, accept, let go of the emotion. The goal is not to fix or change the emotion, but to allow it, thereby dis-enabling it. Welcoming is the most commonly used form of The Releasing Method.

3. Eckhart Tolle's Awareness Techniques
"You have to be in touch with the whole energy field of your body ... you cant just be in the head. Feel inner aliveness and this will provide the anchor to stay present. This anchors you and prevents you from losing yourself in some egoic reaction.  Allow what the ego feels as diminshment – let it happen, a moment later you will feel an enlivment. Simply drop your position over being right – to the ego being wrong is a kind of death."  From a talk by Eckhart Tolle.

4. Emotional Freedom Technique: Better known as EFT... manipulates the body's energy field by tapping acupressure points, while a chronic negative emotion or a specific traumatic memory is focused on, in order to alleviate a psychological problem.

5. ​​​​​​Segment Intending and Prepaving;
When undertaking a specific portion of the day or attending a certain event, we can train our minds to get the most out of the event by training our thoughts to produce the desired results ahead of time. CICK HERE  to see a nice Youtube on this.

​​6. Ho'oponopono: ​​
Ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness​.

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You should also have a quiet place to relax, where no children, dogs or phones will interrupt.
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Computer: A laptop is best, but desktop also works. Your computer should have an embedded camera, top center of screen, or you can buy a separate standing camera at Best Buy.

You should have a cellphone, with a good headset or earbuds. These need to also have microphones in them so that you can be heard when you speak to the hypnotherapist.


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Skype Client: Anxiety Success Testimonial

Good morning Deborah,
I'm thrilled with the progress Hannah has made in her sessions. We have spoken frequently about any changes that she is experiencing and her responses have been very encouraging. She has also begun to take up for herself and be her own advocate. It's wonderful to see these positive changes. I have to admit that I was nervous and skeptical that change would occur so quickly but my negative feelings toward medication options for her spurred me to schedule her appointment. You are welcome to use any of my words in the testimonial. More people need to understand and use alternative therapies before committing to medications through traditional doctors.
Thank you and best wishes,
Robbie M., Bentonville, AR

Hannah is a young woman who suffered from anxiety most her life. Previously, she found social interaction to be extremely challenging and sometimes impossible. Now she says: “That part of my life is much easier. I feel like I am so much happier than I use to be. I don’t have any problems anymore. Before I started going to see you, I never would have thought that my anxiety would be next to gone now. Now it’s a lot easier to make conversation with others than before.” Hannah M., Bentonville, AR. These are Hannah’s comments after four sessions - three of which were done via Skype.
Hannah is beginning a new job with a major corporation and is feeling comfortable and secure in who she is during this normally stressful time period.