The existing programing in our minds lives in deep layers of the subconscious. Our unconscious daily thoughts and resulting actions, our persona, confidence, and habits  all emanate from these layers - layers which are planted by childhood experiences, intense personal challenges throughout life, and most of all, our ongoing reactions to these events. Deborah helps clients rework these subtle layers by reprogramming them through hypnosis.

Healing Experience

Although Deborah does not treat, diagnose, or cure, she freely shares with others that she has used all of these techniques to self-heal  from cancer three times and to heal from hypothyroidism.  She was also the
​​top performer in a challenging sales position with a large fianancial institution.  By applying all the techniques described here, she maintains a vibrant life, of which emotional tranquility and  physical robustness are the cornerstones.

Tools You Can Use  at Home

In addition to hypnotherapy, Deborah practices the following leading edge methodologies, which she teaches to clients so they can accelerate their hypnosis gains...

Abraham Hicks ​Law of Attraction 
​The Release Method
Emotional Freedom Technique​
Segment Intending

....and a few other techniques specific to her training at HMI.

Deborah Bird, C.Ht., MBA
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Health Coach
1501 SE Walton Blvd
Bentonville, AR 72712

Eliminate:  Anxiety, Sugar Addictions, Binge Eating Disorder
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