Deborah Bird, C.Ht., MBA
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Health Coach
1501 SE Walton Blvd
Bentonville, AR 72712

Refund Policy:

From time-to-time a client with ask for a refund on a purchased package of hypnosis sessions. At Deborah Bird, Hypnosis and Health Coaching Services,  we adhere to the health industry standard on this matter.   We use the same policy that Wellness Centers in general use, i.e. gyms, yoga studios, spas, etc.   This standard is:  When a health package is purchased at a discounted rate per the package, no refund is available. 

However, Deborah Bird Hypnosis and Health Coaching Services, does offer a refund in the form of free gift certificates.  You will receive upon request a number of free 30 minute hypnosis sessions gift certificates, which never expire.  You can email these or print and send these certificates to those you wish to treat to a hypnosis session.   If its a 30 minute or 60 minute session then the client receives a general relaxation therapy, without any analysis.  People find this very relaxing and, in many cases, nicer than receiving a massage.  It's a great way for people to try out the experience to see if they might want to continue, or to just treat themselves to a relaxing experience.

Whenever a client purchases a package - which offers significant discounts - and breaks the package, all charges to the clients account will revert back to the hourly rates below.  All client contact time and email communication will be billed at the below standard rates. 


90 Minute Appointments: $125
60 Minute Appointments: $65
Refund processing fee:  $30

Please send your request to