The Gerson's Cancer Cleanse:

The Dr. Max Gerson cleanse has silently healed many patients  throughout the world from cancer and other diseases.  Dr. Gerson was befriended by the Nobel Prize winner Albert Schweitzer, after healing his wife of lung tuberculosis. Patients often turn to this modality after attempting every other form of healing, thereby resulting in a population of advanced cancer patients at Gerson clinics.  None-the-less, they have an impressive record of cures.

When researching and discovering the Gerson's method, here are the most important things to know.

1)  In general be leary of any book written by Dr. Gerson. His books are mostly incomprehensible due to his  medical speak.  This is true for his book, A Cancer Therapy:  Result of 50 Cases.   However, the case studies themselves are easy to understand, and well worth reading, but the rest of the book is difficult to understand.

2)  His followers, primarily Charlotte Gerson, have translated his concepts into easy to follow guides.   The most important book that you need to use is the Gerson's Handbook available for free at this link:​​​​​
This book sells on Amazon for $12.98 and they offer to the community for free here at this link.  This should tell you something about these people. ​​

3)  Charlotte Gerson is an activist and talks like one.  She is not particularly enamored with the medical community.  I personally do not endorse or agree with her position on the medical community, but I love what she has to say - I do not like how she says it.   I healed from cancer three times using this method.  Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater.

4)  The holistic community and the medical community don't agree on much, but the following they will agree on:  Traditional medical treatment for cancer - although it may reduce or eliminate cancer - will deplete you physically, emotionally and, therefore, spiritually.  On the other hand, anyone who tries the Gerson's cleanse for three days​​ will agree with this statement:  The Gerson's cleanse will enliven you physically, emotionally and spiritually.

5)  You can do the cleanse yourself for FREE by following the steps in the Gerson's Handbook, or you can participate in some very cost effective assistance from Gerson's Institute at this link:​​

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Cancer: Healing With Dr. Max Gerson
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6) The full scope of Gerson's, including all the little add ons, is a bit overwhelming.  To start, you should just do the diet, the juices and the enemas.  This is where most of the benefit lies.  Once you get this down, you can try adding on all the other things they recommend.  

)  You can hire me as your coach $50 per hour to guide you through the cleanse.  In addition, I offer hypnotherapy services, which has been medically documented as beneficial in cancer and surgical procedures:
​8) You can go to a 
licensed Gerons's clinic and have them do the therapy on you. This is very expensive, understandably so, as it is extremely labor intensive: